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I'm a book lover. I spend many nights reading books instead of sleeping and many days reading instead of doing homework. So you could say I can run on little sleep and am a dedicated procrastinator. Hence, my blog being named Sleepless Nights Filled with Endless Books.

My favorite books are love stories, whether the genre be romance, young adult, or contemporary, anything with a HEA. (Those are the genres I usually stick to and what you'll find most on my blog.) So if these genres are not your style, please exit my blog because that's all you'll find here!;)

Reading is a passion of mine and hopefully a passion I can find a future with, whether that be writing novels or helping in the process of publishing novels. So this is my starting point to the future I want one day. This blog is also a chance for me to give back, to help others find books worth reading. I have used Goodreads as a resource for finding books for about a year now and it's the greatest invention on Planet Earth. I don't think I would've been able to find and read so many books without this site. It's also so awesome because I probably would've wasted a lot of money on books that I wouldn't have liked if it weren't for the book reviews. So that's where this blog comes in. Goodreads has been so helpful with all the book reviews, I wanted to begin writing reviews on the books that I have read and would recommend to any book lover out there. A chance to share my love of books with the world.

I have a list started on my book reviews page of books I want to review that I have already read, but have not found the time to review yet. The list could get longer as I read new books, so please be patient with me and writing these reviews since I have to go back and read through some the books again. I am also a college student, so during the school year the book reviews might be scarce and spread out, so writing the reviews to my already long list might take awhile. The summer time will be when the reviews will be more frequent, that's for sure. But I will also be reading new books too, so those reviews might come before some of the other books on my list that I have yet to review. My apologies. :)

If anyone has any suggestions on books to read or anything you can message me on my Goodreads account:
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That's all for now, Enjoy!:)


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